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Talk with Jean 
Natural Pain Therapist

On this website there is a lot of information and ideas for handling your pain though at times this may not be enough. Many of us make more progress if we have an advisor or support person alongside us.

You may have been to see many therapists and doctors but would like ideas and guidance that are specific to you and relevant to your needs.


I may be able to offer you treatments in a holistic manner that perhaps you haven't been introduced to before. I offer a combination of natural medicine and also relying on training and research alongside medical practitioners who specialise in treating chronic pain.

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       I wear many hats?
I am a Naturopath. 
I am a Kinesiologist.
I am a Yoga Teacher. 
Pain Management Training

Introducing Jean Jordan

Being in chronic pain is complex and a very individual experience.

I can imagine you've had a lot of things like;


-    Going from one specialist to the next without finding a solution, repeating your pain story over and over sometimes in a rushed consultation with an overworked pain specialist.


-    Feel you should put up with your pain because you feel like you're just complaining and no one wants to hear, or truly hear how you feel


-    Gradually you can lose your independence or be unable to do the activities you enjoy. So losing the person that you used to be.


-    Unfortunately you may have been told by others that the can't find anything wrong with you and that it's all in your head and is nothing more that can be done


-    Finding out that surgery is an option, or you may be fearful of having an operation will it actually return you back to the life and the person you used to be


"I guess the worse thing with chronic pain is not being able to fully understand why you are in pain and being able to know exactly what you can do to alleviate your pain"



Some of the benefits of working with me

When I talk about holistic solutions this means bringing your body, your mind and brain together to act not only in a physical way but mentally and emotionally too.


Be able to deal with and become stronger having the ability to restructure your life in a more balanced way to look after yourself, understand your body and maintain your health in the future.

Provide advice to help you get your life back on track looking after yourself and be able to use a toolbox of techniques to control your pain


Find out where your pain really resides and how to use simple new techniques to better control it.


My experience and expertise can help you understand how stressful circumstances can impact chronic pain.

I offer you straightforward advice and relatively simple but effective new ideas.


Find out where your pain really resides and how to use a toolbox of simple new techniques to better control your pain.


I'll introduce you to new ways of thinking and make your brain work more effectively and to learn how brain impacts pain. I think you will find this latter will enable you to make changes that you perhaps were not thought possible

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Try opening one more door




 Pain-less Journey


6-week Programme


Initial online consultation, meet Jean to discuss and plan your time together. She will listen to your pain concerns, life challenges and together plan the outcomes you’re searching for.

This zoom meet-up will last from 60 – 90 minutes, depending on your energy, so you’ll need a quiet private place for us to talk.


Two follow-up online consultations

These follow-up session will be spread through the six weeks, to get the most benefit from your programmes with ongoing opportunities to discuss your treatment and progress. 


Support and Encouragement

Constant ongoing assessments and adjustments to your treatment, over the six weeks, to ensure that change can happen over this six-week period.


Training tools

Each week you’ll receive from one to three actionable steps that will be provided in the form of videos, audios, information handouts or specific changes that can help reduce your pain levels.



Your investment: $425

Extra Bonuses

Bonus of weekly email follow-ups providing support and encouragement and to clarify any self-help techniques

Video "Neurology of the Brain"

A  video to help understand the difference between acute pain and chronic persistent pain that never really goes away. This video is available in week four or week five, a step for you to further begin to understand your pain.

Important Notice:
Jean does not diagnose pain conditions and it’s important that you have your chronic pain thoroughly checked by your doctor.

Programmes not available in United States or Canada


Frequently Asked Questions



If I cannot attend an online consultation what do I do?


If you need to change an online booking please give 48 hours notice and a new time can be arranged. If you do not attend an appointment then that appointment can be forfeited.



If I receive a video or instructions to do an activity or a technique that I don't understand, is it okay to ignore the activity or technique.


If there is anything you don't understand get in touch with NPS via email as soon as possible. It is important to do activities or techniques in your programme as they have been designed specifically for you and can enable you to make changes.



Can I have a week off when I go on holiday?


Unfortunately your chronic pain doesn't take a holiday so you need to find some time to do what you have learnt from your programme, as the techniques need to become part of life - they should slot into your holiday routine too.



What do I do if I fall behind in the pain programme?


The programme is long enough for you to catch up, although it's important to share your progress with Jean regularly via email.



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