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Begin a Pain-less Journey of Holistic Therapy with Jean

  • Constant chronic pain can disrupt your life – a day at work can leave you tired, exhausted, irritable, and sore.


  • Constant pain can disrupt your career – leaving you unable to focus, concentrate, no longer able to do your best at the work you love.


  • Constant pain has an economic cost for you now and in your future.


  • Constant pain with anxiety, worry and fear that you hold inside can disrupt your relationships with your family, with your friends



If one of these or more is you, perhaps it’s time to consider one more person who can offer you the chance to make changes.


You’ve tried so many therapies, treatments, pills and potions to stop your pain?

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Perhaps try knocking on just
 ONE more door





I advocate a bridge – between

 Natural Medicine and Medical Medicine

Meet Jean
Natural Pain Therapist

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I am many people. 
I am a Naturopath. 
I am a Kinesiologist.
I am a Yoga Teacher.
I have taught Mindfulness. 

I am presently enrolled at Otago University in Christchurch postgraduate study in Pain Management


Because of my experience my background I have developed unique treatment variety.


In 2018, I created a 12 weeks online course comprised of mindfulness, easy to use, time effective meditation techniques, positive thinking and more. While developing this course I ran a pilot course utilising email for communication. I decided to use email throughout this package as it’s a great way to work with pain.


I’ve incorporated email consulting into my chronic pain programme, so you can communicate with me, when you have space, when you have time. We’ll be in touch every week.


As a Naturopath I can organise targeted supplements to support your bodies innate healing and recovery.

Isn’t it time to aim for a life without pain?

Open the yellow door and apply today to join Jean on a pain-less Journey
  • Be empowered - start to reduce your pain, normalise your daily challenges.

  • Focus on positive thoughts and understand why you have pain.

  • Don't settle for pain management - show pain who's boss.

  • Have a bucketful of techniques at the ready, pain relieving techniques that you enjoy and work for you.



6-week Programme


Initial online consultation, meet Jean to discuss and plan your time together. She will listen to your pain concerns, life challenges and together plan the outcomes you’re searching for.

This zoom meet-up will last from 60 – 90 minutes, depending on your energy, so you’ll need a quiet private place for us to talk.


Before we meet

I have made an introductory video to explain the Pain-Less process, together with my philosophy. This will give you time to think and plan before we meet, as it’s important that you get all you issues discussed and any questions covered.

This will be sent before your initial consultation, giving chance to prepare for the initial consultation.


Weekly contact

Each week, via email, you’ll receive information to educate about various aspects of your pain that your doctor or specialist didn’t have time to share with you.

You will receive appropriate videos, audios that demonstrate techniques that relieve stress and make inroads into the chronicity of your pain.


You are welcome to add to your emails, whenever you have information to share or just need to make contact and chat.


Training tools

Each week you’ll receive from one to three actionable steps that will be provided in the form of videos, audios, information handouts or specific changes that can help reduce your pain levels.



Your investment: $795
Or 3 payments of $285
Two Extras Bonuses 
60-minute Naturopathic Consultation, includes email follow-up Value $200
Video "Neurology of the Brain"
A  video to help understand the difference between acute pain and chronic persistent pain that never really goes away. This video is available in week four or week five, a step for you to further begin to understand your pain.

Important Notice:
Jean does not diagnose pain conditions and it’s important that you have your chronic pain thoroughly checked by your doctor.

Programmes not available in United States or Canada


Frequently Asked Questions



If I cannot attend an online consultation what do I do?


If you need to change an online booking please give 48 hours notice and a new time can be arranged. If you do not attend an appointment then that appointment can be forfeited.



If I receive a video or instructions to do an activity or a technique that I don't understand, is it okay to ignore the activity or technique.


If there is anything you don't understand get in touch with NPS via email as soon as possible. It is important to do activities or techniques in your programme as they have been designed specifically for you and can enable you to make changes.



Can I have a week off when I go on holiday?


Unfortunately your chronic pain doesn't take a holiday so you need to find some time to do what you have learnt from your programme, as the techniques need to become part of life - they should slot into your holiday routine too.



What do I do if I fall behind in the pain programme?


The programme is long enough for you to catch up, although it's important to share your progress with Jean regularly via email.