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Learn Meditation and Relaxation for
Natural Pain Relief  

Healing power of flowers to be calm and relax to let go of pain

Natural Pain Solutions can introduce ways to change your thoughts and release emotions. These thoughts and emotions are often interlinked with your experience of pain together with the accompanying anxiety and daily stress.

After working with chronic pain clients for over 20 years as a natural therapist, I'm concerned that there are areas of treatment that are not always available for chronic pain patients, regardless of where they live in the world.

I aim towards a calmer world - one person at a time




A Missing Connection to Relieving and Reducing Chronic Pain.



One area some of you with chronic pain may not be paying enough attention is your brain. Here's why I feel there's an unmeet need.



"How we think - your thoughts"




"How we feel - your emotions"


Constant pain can impact our sense of well being through the feelings and sensations integral to chronic pain having and living with chronic pain.


Just thinking about everyday movements such as:


  • Getting up from the chair.

  • Walking up steps.

  • Getting in and out of the car.

  • Walking around the supermarket to do your shopping.

  • Washing your hair.

  • Just getting dressed in the morning.



The question I ask you, is this constant awareness of painful movements making your pain worse?


As movement involves moving our body, we think or we believe that persistent chronic pain is purely something physical. We naturally think there is something physically wrong with our muscles, our tissues or our bones that is causing the pain.


  • I feel the pain in my leg

  • I know my back hurts

  • My body hurts because something is damaged or broken


Medications for Chronic Pain

Accepted treatments for chronic pain have most often been medications. Medicines affect the physical internal function of our bodies. Therefore we think they will impact our pain. Hopefully for the better!


Manual Treatment for Chronic Pain

Manual treatment such as massage, chiropractic or exercises prescribed by physiotherapist, to help heal our physical body.



But, why are these treatments not solving the growing prevalence of chronic pain?



Hence the 'missing connection' mentioned at the beginning of the page - what are we missing in the way that we treat chronic pain?


The Missing Connection - Our Thoughts And Emotions



By teaching a wide variety of techniques and skills built up over 20 years of working alongside clients - each of you joining Natural Pain Solutions will have the opportunity to learn and regain personal control of your health


"Each of us is a unique person. Therefore the same treatment protocols cannot be assigned to everyone."


Pain management mind based meditation programs cannot work for everyone. Group programmes provide a great social support and interaction, however not all of the techniques taught will suit each person and their unique experience of their chronic pain.

Each Person Is Unique - Your Pain Management Should be Unique

Different coloured ballons represent the different treatments for patient-centred medicine

Are you purple, orange or green? 

Could you even be a different colour on a different day?

Meet your Chronic Pain Treatment Therapist

I began my study into chronic musculoskeletal pain while studying Naturopathy in Perth, Australia. It was the subject of my dissertation in my final year of study. Further studies in Yoga and Kinesiology increased my knowledge while clinical practice with clients increased my understanding and experience. 

Covid in 2021 and 2022 gave me the opportunity to do postgraduate study in Pain Management at Otago University in Christchurch. Following my study I began Natural Pain Solutions to reach more people who wanted to help themselves in a way that suited them.

Natural Pain Therapist who uses natural pain solutions and self-help advice

Join Jean's Online Meditation and Relaxation


If you like what you see and hear after meeting Jean on this video. It's time to start making changes.


Visit Jean's Online Self Care Ideas

Why Now? Why Jean?

  • Ideas and techniques are unique as the video explained.


  • Wide range of short easy to learn skills.


  • Especially useful for beginners or someone wondering what on earth is meditation?


  • Done with demonstrations for you to join in the privacy of your own home, no worries about what other people are doing, no judgement.


  • Try the different ideas presented each fortnight to find the ones that work for you.


  • Popular techniques are repeated to give ample time to learn and understand them.


  • Email feedback and reviews for questions and information are available as an addition to the classes


  • Options to purchase email support to enhance your experience and address individual lifestyle issues.



Before you decide to join me there are some things for you to consider.


If you:

  • Want a quick fix.

  • Believe you are broken, unable to get better.

  • Too busy or not willing to make changes.

  • Believe you have to live with your pain it can't be changed.

  • Need a new medical specialist who can give you a new, different treatment.


Unfortunately if the above list applies to you then I'm not the clinician you need.


However if you:

  • Are ready to make changes.

  • Want to improve your health.

  • Had enough of taking medicines.

  • Had enough of continuous appointments that make little difference to your pain.


Come and be a part of Natural Pain Solutions

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Natural Pain Solutions website offer ideas and services to support general health. Our products and services are not intended to diagnose health problems. This information provided on the website should not be substituted for medical advice and treatment. Any treatment decisions or pain should be discussed with your doctor or a qualified health care professional.

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