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Pain relief resources
for you to
use at home

This page will have free to use resources when you or your patients visit the page.

These resources consist of videos, audios and information, that are designed to encourage you to engage in your own treatment at home.

  • Relaxation videos

  • Mindfulness ideas

  • Demonstration videos by Jean

  • Information and links from outside the Natural Pain Solutions Website (links cannot always be guaranteed as websites can get updated or information deleted.)

  • More resources will be added over time - so check back from time to time to find new ideas and techniques.

Relaxation Videos for healing Chronic Pain

Join Jean and Relax by the River

Many of you are living in cities with little green space or are in an office all day long.

I invite you to join me by the river that flows through Hagley Park in Christchurch.

You can switch my voice off if you wish and just watch the ducks doing their duck thing in the river.


Listen and Breathe with Jean 

Mindfulness can give you the opportunity to distract your mind, your brain from its constant focus on chronic pain.

This short video, above, is an easy, straightforward way to begin to self-care.

The reason to start in this way is to take simple steps, rather than have to study, do extensive practice or have to travel to group sessions.

Please feel free to share with friends or patients as it's only a click away on their mobile phone.

Notice Your Breath Audio

Getting in Touch with your Breath

Find a quiet place to begin 'breath noticing' this is a beginners audio that will talk you through easy steps that Jean has used many times in her clinic working with clients with chronic pain.

It's important to be kind to yourself and not expect too much. This is the start of a journey to self-care and the opportunity to begin to take control of your chronic pain.

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