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Introducing Jean
Natural Pain Therapist

The Story Of Creating Natural Pain Solutions

Three years after I opened my first pain clinic, I began to realise I had skills and knowledge to relieve, even eliminate chronic pain – for those who could afford treatment.


Since that time my dream has been to operate a ‘free pain clinic’, but unfortunately never had the finances to make this dream a reality.


Now, 20 years later I’ve created this website ‘Natural Pain Solutions’.

  • Free education,

  • Self-help tools, 

  • Knowledge available in your home or workplace.


Plus, over time I plan to add to the website:


  • Inexpensive self-help downloadables,

  • Information for people with chronic pain, or

  • Information for professional clinicians who need more simple, easy to use ideas to hand,

  • Case studies and stories to show the benefits of simple solutions.


I ask your support to spread the word of Natural Pain Solutions to reduce the burden of chronic pain.


Now, find out more about me:-

Why I'm treating Chronic Pain

Our lifestyle, upbringing and experiences such as trauma or challenges bring us to where we are in life.

Natural Pain Solutions began like all the best stories when I was born in England, a farmer's daughter familiar with the ebb and flow of nature. In those days the country doctor would come to the house when us children were sick, sitting on the bed, talking, showing he cared.

Doctor Comforts and Listens

He would assure my mother that with rest, usually on the living room sofa so I wouldn't miss out on anything, time would return me to normal.

This was supplemented with occasional cough syrup, home remedies or maybe an aspirin, as I was a child with recurrent persistent headaches.

At times this headache turned out to be very useful when I didn't want to go to school!

An Educator and a Teacher

The educator in me was awoken by a favourite teacher at primary school getting me to help other students read. To sit with them, listen and help both their reading and their understanding. This began a love of learning; a love to work and teach that is still my passion today with every client who brings me his or her pain problems.

Sad Time for Adventurer!

At nineteen I immigrated to Australia. I became a wanderer, a curious person and although an introvert I couldn't wait to see the world. I was without a university education leaving school when I was 15. This introvert ended up with unrewarding jobs that in my late twenties sent me back to school and then university in England. 


Cementing me as that lifelong learner.

Then I Discovered Natural Medicine

Much later in life still a "hobo", I discovered naturopathy, and also trained in kinesiology and yoga. After doing my own clinical research in 2005, I found my niche, to do my utmost to stop chronic pain and its impact on health and happiness.

Impact of Chronic Pain on Financial Security

Being the inquisitive person, I've had a broken career resulting in little real financial security. This brought me an understanding of the impact of having years of chronic pain could have on work or study to reach our potential.


If due to chronic pain your energy, your concentration, your focus is impacted this can result in less work opportunities or a career that can be a loss of the financial security that I was also lacking when I was older.


Continuity of career gives us economic security.

We want a meaningful career, work satisfaction and financial security is important to take care of ourselves and our family.

Challenging Life Threatening Illness

My example of the 'unexpected' happened four years after retraining as a natural therapist with a successful business, as a naturopath and kinesiologist. Success was not to continue.


After eighteen months, of specialist oversight, with exhaustion and low iron levels, I was belatedly diagnosed with a tumour the size of a rugby ball engulfing my right kidney and encroaching into my liver. I say belatedly as I’d been told ‘nothing wrong – just take iron pills’.

Post Surgical Pain and Side - Effects of Medications

In the next six months I learnt much about, drugs, their challenging side effects and also the long road of rehab and recovery from major abdominal surgery. Today I still have times when I wonder what’s happening inside my body with disordered scar tissue making me a bit grumpy when it’s painful.


This medical interruption was a challenge to both my relatively new business and my personal life. 

More Relevant Training and Experience for Me?

In Australia and New Zealand I have spent the past 20 years meeting and treating people with chronic pain. Chronic pain that can last years, pain that can smash hopes and dreams. Chronic pain that  can cause your later life to take on a very different look.


Certainly the ability to have choices and health and wellness when you finally do decide that you have worked for long enough may not be available to you due to the impact of chronic pain on your major earning years.

Jean Jordan's Qualifications

Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences – Pain & Pain Management, Otago University, NZ

Post Graduate Certificate of Education - University College, London University

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Studies - Massey University, Palmerston North, NZ

Bachelor Science Honours - Kings College London

Advanced Diploma of Naturopath, Perth Academy of Natural Therapy, Western Australia 

Certificate in Counselling - Palmerston North Teachers College, NZ

Yoga Teacher – MHY, Queensland, Australia

Chronic pain therapy
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