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Natural Pain Solutions 

Self help pain relief techniques can help us feel better
- put one simple change into action today.

​​Information and stories for those living with chronic pain about natural, holistic self help ways to reduce pain and improve overall health and resilience.

Nature and natural remedies relieve chronic pain. Learn to control your pain.

Why I Began Natural Pain Solutions

To address chronic pain I believe the complex issues involved need to be treated in a holistic way, a complete blend of mind and body in every step. We are a complete person where all of our body systems and parts work together in natural harmony. It's this natural harmony that we need to restore to be well.

You, the person with chronic pain, need to:

  • Gain control of what is happening both inside and outside of consultations with pain specialist and doctors. 

  • Be able to ask questions and be given information about why you have pain.

  • What will be the long-term outcomes for you.

  • Know the risks and side-effects of any treatment or therapy that is prescribed to treat your pain.

Self-responsibility and self-efficacy creates change, giving you control and with knowledge be able to help yourself.

Blog and pages on this website provide information to improve your understanding together with an abundance of self-help ideas.

More about my approach to chronic pain

JEAN JORDAN Natural therapist teaches you to take charge of chronic pain to get relief and pain-free

I believe that there are many ways that Chronic Pain can be experienced and treated. Each is unique to you - the person with the pain.


Here I share my ideas, practices and experience I've developed over the past 20  years in Private Pain Clinics in Perth, Australia, then Christchurch in New Zealand.

Now I want to extend my ideas, one could say spread my wings online to show more people how they can take action. Daily to reduce their pain.

My hope is to have easy to use self-help techniques and ideas. Each person with chronic pain can use these free online to help relieve pain and regain their lives.

Jean's experience & qualifications 

Cheryl's testimonial of sciatica chronic pain and health crisis due to overwhelmed with work and family. She kept 'pushing through'.

Ongoing stress is a factor in many of our present chronic diseases.Stress can impact pain conditions, increasing pain intensity, duration and leading to worsening of symptoms and disability.

Devastated by serious work injury in the work that she loved Mel wanted to get off work insurance and back her nursing career.

Workers can be in pain for a wide range of non-work related reasons. There is often little awareness or knowledge of which employees may be suffering chronic pain throughout the day

Al's need to regain life and work to overcome the unbearable pain and frightening future of aging with chronic pain

Al learns about chronic pain

Phantom pains, postsurgical removal of organs, mastectomy, hysterectomy, or phantom sensations, leave women with strange sensations and pain from organs they no longer have. 

Executive career woman, Cathy wanted  natural therapy for her recently diagnosed fibromyalgia, when doctors only offered medication.

Cathy beats fibromyalgia 

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is another debilitating illness that affects more women than men. IBS has emotional and mental aspects that may benefit from holistic natural treatments. 

IBS after food poisoning 

Therapy Sessions

Jean gave me a way of better understanding of what chronic pain is and why it manifests itself to build up to become uncontrollable

Al age 54

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