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Nature and natural remedies relieve chronic pain. Learn to control your pain.


Cheryls testimonial of pain and health crisis due to overwhelmed with work and family 


Devastation of serious work injury in the work that she loved - Mel


Al's need to regain life and work to overcome the unbearable pain and frightening future of aging with chronic pain


Executive career woman looking for natural therapy when doctors only offered medication -  Cathy


To address chronic pain I believe the complex issues involved need to be treated in a holistic way, a blend of mind and body in every step of the pain-less journey.

You, the person with chronic pain, need to gain control of what is happening both inside and outside of consultations.

Self-responsibility and self-efficacy creates change

JEAN JORDAN Natural therapist teaches you to take charge of chronic pain to get relief and pain-free

I believe that there are many ways that Chronic Pain can be experienced and treated.


 I hope to share my ideas that have developed over the past 15 years of having a pain clinic in Australia and New Zealand

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Jean gave me a way of better understanding of what chronic pain is and why it manifests itself to build up to become uncontrollable

Al age 54