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Beginners Yoga Class Christchurch - Yoga Stretch, Release and Relax

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Yoga stretch, release and relax could be the perfect experience for you.

As we age there are changes within our bodies. We can all see the exterior changes, therefore we need to recognise our bodies are also changing inside.



Jean's Yoga is for those with little or no previous yoga experience.


  • Great for those who want to de-stress and relax.

  • Restore de-conditioned muscles

  • Improve muscle tone and resilience.

  • Help to protect and improve joint mobility.

  • Calm and supportive yoga teacher.

  • Quiet, relaxed and calm atmosphere 


Small group classes - maximum of six people


We work together in a small group with gentle, relaxing, non-threatening activity and enjoy being in a small group who are interested in yoga movements. Yoga is a simple and gentle activity where you can let your body decide its movement limits.


As you practice yoga, notice how the worries of the day dissolve and how life itself begins to flow more easily.


Yoga works on all aspects of health to encourage a strong body, a sharp mind and has the ability to reduce the effects of daily stress


Today life is busy, at times too busy so you need to take care of yourself.

  • Experience a sense of harmony and balance.

  • Bring stillness to mind and body.


Yoga movements involve standing postures, sitting postures and also lying down on a mat. For this reason you need to be able to be able to get down onto the floor and back up again-don't worry if it takes time and you need to do it slowly.


NOTE: As yoga involves physical movement and breathing exercises it is important to check with your doctor to see if this class is suitable for you.

Relaxation and Calming Skills

We are often too busy in life to have time to switch off, slow down. In this group you have the opportunity to learn easy to use techniques that can become second nature and integrate into your daily life.


For more information or questions contact Jean


Class Details

Tuesdays 1pm and 6.40pm

Duration 45 Minutes - includes amazing relaxation 

Cost is $100 per month 

Only Six places available


50 Plus Fitness private gym

5/11 Ayr Street,

Riccarton, Christchurch, NZ


Don't Miss Out Book your place today 

Book Two Months - pay $160 

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